Struggling to see clearly whilst driving at night?

Will your ugly, yellow, cloudy oxidised headlamps pass its next MOT?

Time and the environment take their toll

The headlights are external fixtures and that makes them susceptible to any environmental assault. The outside factors are more serious on cars today because the headlights are no longer made of glass. Instead, these fixtures are made of hard plastic that is covered with a clear coat to protect the porous
surface. It can be road salt or pollution, but sooner or later the clear coat on the headings is going to start fading away. The summer time in particular can be rough because of the sunlight. Even if there is UV protection it is good for only so long. That clear coat also can be affected by the type of cleaning agents used. All of this results in the plastic eventually becoming oxidised and a foggy appearance is the consequence This adds up to a situation where headlights can get worse for wear and may not pass its next MOT!

Polishing alone will only buff the surface, this quick fix will not last and will soon become cloudy again. Cool-Carz 3 step process will effectively remove fine scratches, surface contaminants, oxidation, cloudiness and yellowing, leaving the plastics brilliantly clear and polished headlights, the final step is to then, protect them with a UV protective coating, with a small amount of after care your headlights with stay clear as new for years and years to come.


From £45 per pair depending on location.

  • Stay Safe.
  • Stay Legal.
  • 3 step process.
  • Up To 3X brighter after restoration.
  • All completed in approximately¬†30 minutes.
  • We can come to you 7 days a week.

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